As TEA and CDC provide guidelines to the district for the upcoming school year, can you help clarify how this affects academy students with the volunteer and enrichment requirements.  We know FBISD is still working to make appropriate accommodations and safety enhancements to the campuses but we do not exactly know where GSA fits into this effort.  A few additional questions: THESE ARE THE QUESTIONS AND THE ANSWERS FROM MS. CHADWICK


1. If a student chooses online learning, they will still be able to participate in all academy activities.


We would just follow all safety guidelines for those activities. I hope this helps. 


2.. Will academy students be required to attend face-face in order to participate in the academy similar to what is outlined in UIL guidelines for athletes? 


Academy students will not be required to attend face-to-face activities to participate and remain in the academy. As long as the district allows families the option to have online learning as an option, face-to-face activities will not be required.


3.  If a student elects to remain home and utilize online learning services, how does this affect cohort classes? 


As of now all students will begin online learning for the school year. When the District begins to phase in students to attend classes in person families will have the option to remain online. Any family choosing to select online learning has that option and choosing online learning will not affect their academy status.


4. Are there additional guidelines to consider for socials, banquets and events? 


To date, all local government and CDC guidelines must be followed. Fort Bend County Covid 19 Community Risk-Level was upgraded to Red yesterday and the District is not having in person classes for at least 3 weeks. As long as the District is not having in person classes and Fort Bend County is at an elevated risk level, socials, banquets, and events should not take place. When levels are reduced such events can be re-evaluated to be held.


5. Is THS holding Tiger Camp for incoming freshmen and if so, is there a time allotted for the new academy students to get-to-know each other?


 July 31 was a tentative date for AMBUSH at Travis. I have received communication from the campus that a virtual event will be taking place. The campus will communicate information regarding the 9th grade orientation for all incoming students The Academies at Travis will create a separate virtual event for orientation specific to academy students only. More information will be forthcoming as planning for the event is currently taking place.


6. Just clarifying, is it true that there are to be no field trips for SY20-21?


 I  have NOT heard that field trips were cancelled for the entire school year. I am certain that the District will have to ensure that field trips will be safe and can follow all social distancing guidelines before field trips can be held. As long as the District has remote learning for all students, however, I am certain that bus transportation will not be available. This follows the protocol from last spring semester.