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Purchase Banquet Tickets:

 Safari Texas- FORUM room


Students and guests must check in when they arrive at the banquet (check in begins at 6:00pm)

Instructions to Purchase Tickets

Purchase one ticket for each GSA student and/or guest(s). *NO REFUND ON TICKETS*  

(You may add all to your cart before checkout if you wish)

  1. Select the appropriate Ticket Option from the drop down 

  2. Select the appropriate meal option (i.e. Chicken or Vegetarian)

  3. Enter the GSA student's legal name as well as the guest's name (when entering guest(s) name(s), include the name of the GSA student as well. Write N/A under Guest Name if not applicable

  4. Make sure to also include GSA student and/or Guest's email address

  5. Click "Add to Cart"

Repeat steps 1 to 5 for multiple tickets if needed and then checkout. 

There will be NO tickets sold at the door. Deadline to purchase tickets is Monday, May 1st. 

After tickets have been purchased, all registered banquet attendees will be emailed a sign up link to choose their seating. The sooner you buy tickets, the more options you will have in regards to seating. All banquet attendees are encouraged to discuss seating with guests and friends, so you can sign up to be at the same table together. If attendees do not sign up for their own seating, they will be assigned a table. Each table sits 10 people.

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