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The Global Studies Academy (GSA) exists to equip students to effectively solve the challenges society will face in the future while developing multi-faceted global citizens. Students are empowered to become innovative global thinkers who celebrate diversity. The Academy also fosters leadership by exposing its members to a variety of situations from a globally integrated perspective while offering opportunities in student government, community service and cultural awareness activities. 

The Global Studies Academy offers six languages:  Spanish, German, Japanese, Chinese, Latin, and French. Language clubs and NHS clubs are available for most languages. 


The Global Studies Academy is located within Travis High School in Richmond, Texas. The Academy was started in 2008 and had its first graduating class in 2012. Entrance is limited to students zoned within FBISD and is highly competitive. Incoming students must complete a minimum of four consecutive language credits in addition to AP global studies courses, community service hours, and cultural events.


Travel experiences for language and cultural immersion...opportunties to come.


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Outside Enrichment Activities

First Semester – December 9, 2019

Second Semester – May 11, 2020

Volunteer Hours

First Semester – December 2, 2019

Second Semester

for Class of 2020 – March 30, 2020

for Classes 2021, 2022, & 2023 – May 4, 2020

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